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Indcontrol Electronics is your specialist for industrial electronics, power supplies, battery chargers and more.

Qualified Technicians
Indcontrol has been repairing and refurbishing power supplies, battery chargers, inverters and more with precision since 1988, and offer innovative solutions to difficult problems.

We are authorised repairers for many leading power and telecommunications systems and process control equipment, and have successfully repaired hundreds of brands, including those for which OEM service is not available in Australia.

We stock components for many systems, eliminating downtime waiting for parts.

At Indcontrol, everything is in house to prolong the operating life of your assets.

We have a well equipped workshop, where fully trained technicians assess and repair circuit boards and other components and test them to manufacturer’s specifications.

We have the spare parts and components required for the repair on hand in our own store.

We have our own testing lines, where repairs are tested under continuous power loads to ensure they meet factory specifications.

Qualified Technicians

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