Power Electronics & Industrial Controls

Powerful Charging Computers for BMW, and other computer controlled cars.

1 Deutronic Battery Charging Systems
1 Deutronic Battery Charging Systems
Deutronic is a German company that develops and markets energy systems for automotive, industrial power and test systems
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Mean Well Systems
Mean Well Systems
Mean Well is a leading supplier of power supplies
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Fire, water, wildlife damage
 <b>Fire, water, wildlife damage </b>

The cleaning process is done in five steps:

  • Disassemble to the last screw,
  • Decontaminate components(ultrasonic).
  • Visual check of the cleaning operation.
  • Reapply protective coatings as required
  • Repair and function testing
Battery Load Testing
 Battery Load Testing

We are dedicated to providing quality service and fulfil commitments for a fair and reasonable price. We demonstrate innovation and integrity in providing cost-effective solutions

Engineering Services
 <b>Engineering Services </b>

Indcontrol is dedicated to providing you with the fastest and most reliable electronic repair service in the industry. We service and repair all types of electronic equipment using the latest and most sophisticated testing systems.

UPS batteries Indcontrol can distribute, maintain and sell your product We are looking for distribution agreement.

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